Man accused in deadly hit and run bonds out of Orange County jail

A Palm Bay man accused in a deadly hit and run bonded out of jail Wednesday night. 

Florida Highway Patrol troopers say Dwayne Drayton,38,  tried to get rid of evidence in a hit and run but traces of the victim’s blood were still found on the car. 

According to troopers, 70-year-old Robert Henschel, a tourist from Wisconsin, ran out of gas on State Road 528 on Feb. 23 and was standing behind his car when Drayton slammed into him.
Good samaritans nearby saw it happen and stopped to help.

“As i went past the car, Ii could see there’s a gentleman on the ground," said Jennifer Lycans.

Troopers say after about a week, they found the car believed to be involved and a few anonymous callers had tipped them off about their suspect. 

Investigators say Drayton told them he hit a deer --- so they searched the area and never found one. They also say Drayton cleaned his car and pulled off some stickers to possibly try and get rid of evidence. 

“The DNA that was found on this windshield for the crash was actually where the pedestrian strike occurred on the windshield," said Lt. Kim Montes. "But was also in the glue from the sticker that had been removed from the windshield.”

On top of that, troopers say they found he made suspicious searches online.

“He also googled on his phone, searched for items like crash on the Beachline, vehicular homicide and hitting a deer.”

Drayton is out of jail on bond, but his criminal case continues. He is charged with leaving the scene of a deadly crash and tampering with evidence.