Maitland research facility has President Trump's 'antibody cocktail' available in clinical trials

Regeneron's "antibody cocktail" that President Trump took last week is being tested in a clinical trial in Maitland. 

"It’s preventing disease progression, so preventing the disease from getting worse, preventing the virus from going more places in the body," said ClinCloud Medical Director Dr. Malisa Agard.

ClinCloud Clinical Research in Maitland was approved to participate in the trial in July.

"We have all our personal protective equipment (PPE) here, so we’re keeping track of everything."

Since then, the company has given the drug to more than a dozen trial participants. The success rate is high. 

"We haven’t had any significant side effects in people that have been involved in the trial," Dr. Agard said. 

She says more people say they feel better than worse.

To participate, you need to be at least 18 and have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 72 hours. 

"That usually is where we’ll have some difficulty in getting patients into the trial because maybe they were positive a week ago," Dr. Agard said.

So far, 2,000 people have participated in the trial in all, but it's not too late to join. In fact, the more the merrier.

Doctors hope these trials lead to FDA approval sooner rather than later. 

"It’ll all come down to basically the push on how much infection is out in the community, how quickly do we want to have a treatment and what the data is showing preliminarily." 

ClinCloud in Maitland is offering two Regeneron trials, one for those with symptoms and one for those without. 

If you think you qualify, ClinCloud can get you started with COVID-19 and more information about trials.