Loving grandmother serves as surrogate for grandson

A grandmother from Chico, California welcomed her grandson in an unlikely fashion recently. 48-year-old Megan Barker served as the surrogate mother for her grandson Gus Wyatt Coleman. 

The parents are Barker's daughter Maddie and her husband Tyler Coleman.  Barker served as the surrogate because Maddie's ovaries were at risk of tumors and, as a result, Maddie could not deliver a baby. 

"This was the biggest gift that anybody can receive is becoming a mom," Maddie said. "And to have my mom give me that gift, it's unexplainable."

The family says that the cost of the grandmother becoming the surrogate was steep costing them upwards of $75,000. 

Many told Megan that giving birth may cause an attachment issue, but she says that's not the case. "The attachment for me was not an issue as people had predicted, because in my mind it was biologically their baby," Barker said. "I was just the deluxe easy-bake oven."

Gus was born on October 22nd and Barker says giving birth to her daughter's son was one of her favorite life experiences. In addition Barker says she'd definitely be willing to carry a second child for her daughter and son-in-law.