Longwood neighborhood plans 'Warriors of Wekiva' walk after attack on jogger

Residents in a Longwood neighborhood where a jogger was attacked are holding a walk in a show of support. The "Warriors of Wekiva" walk hopes to unite the community and give a warning to anyone else who might try something like that in their neighborhood. 

"Don’t come here and try this because we’re not about to play," said event organizer Erin Post. 

Residents of the Longwood neighborhood along West Wekiva Trail are not tolerating the violence that occurred on Monday. 

A young woman was attacked on a jog near the intersection of W. Wekiva Trail and Harrogate Pl. Seminole County deputies have arrested William Stamper, 19, who they believe attempted to sexually assault her. 

"So often the questions are why was she out so late, and it shouldn’t matter what time she was out," said Post. 

The walk called "Warriors of Wekiva" intends to bring the community together and show their support for the woman attacked. The neighborhood rallied quickly to release surveillance footage of the suspect and let police know what they saw. 

"He crosses the street right in front of our house and takes the pathway. The walking path down the side of the property," said one woman who called 911. 

Stamper is being held on no bond in a Seminole County jail cell. He is charged with felony attempted sexual battery. 

"It’s absolutely safe to go outside," said Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma. "The last thing we want is for people to feel like they have to shelter in place, not go outside and be fearful."

Sheriff Lemma thanked the people of the neighborhood for helping them make such a quick arrest. 

People can gather for the "Warriors of Wekiva" walk at Wekiva Hills Park at 8:30 p.m. on Monday. They will start walking around 8:45 a.m. The same time the attack happened.