Florida man goes viral with photobombed snapshot of manta ray

 We got the chance to speak with the photographer, who tells us he is in shock over the huge response.

"It was exciting, it was very interesting! I knew it would get some response. I was thinking most people would enjoy it but absolutely not this response. This thing has gone globally," said Escandell. "I think you are looking at the peak of my amateur photography. It’s all downhill from this."

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Escandell said he took the picture on Sunday while spending time with his family and friends. He didn't realize his picture got photobombed until he got home.

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He posted the photo on Facebook and it was shared to the Satellite Beach Facebook page where it got ‘likes’ and dozens of comments from impressed viewers.

"That’s the shot of the century there!" wrote one commenter.

Another said, "One in a million chances of catching this photo!"

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