Local father and son share special birth bond

You know what they saylike father like son. Ken Rosner holds the record for being the biggest baby ever born at Abington Hospital and his newborn son now has a special distinction, too.

"We're both very tall people and we knew we'd have a big guy. A little bruiser," said Ken Rosner.  Swaddled in a soft blanket and blue hat baby Bennett could easily hold the title of cute baby.  But weighing in at 10.6 pounds he's the biggest baby born at Lankenau Hospital so far this week.

“The doctor estimated that he we would definitely be between 10 and 11 pounds and he came out 10.6," said Meredith Rosner.  Bennett’s weight is just one part of an awesome story the Rosner family will have to tell and you could say that story begins with 'Like father like son'.

"I was born at Abington Hospital June 17th 1984.  I was born at 12 1/2 pounds. The biggest baby in the hospital on Father's Day," said Ken.

He says he and his son hold the same heavy weight title born Father's Day week but at two different hospitals.

"This Sunday is Father's Day and my birthday and Bennett was born the week of Father's Day and the biggest baby at Lankenau Hospital during Father's Day week,” he said.  Is it just in the genes or did mom Meredith have something to do with this too?

"I feel like it's genetics and then all the good food we have out there today. I was craving buffalo wings this pregnancy and Mexican food like guacamole. You know healthy stuff and tasty stuff," said Meredith.

She and the couple’s daughter 5-year-old Blake weighed more than 9 1/2 pounds at birth and even though the doctor warned her that Bennett would weigh more. She gasped at how much more.

"You do because you're in shock that you had a baby that big inside your belly for really 10 months,” said Meredith who delivered Bennett via C-Section. She says they're done having babies but adds you never know.

"I'm sure if we had another that that baby would be extra big. Maybe as big as his dad," she laughed.