Leaders in Lake County give update on school safety

Leaders in Lake County are keeping parents in the loop about school safety.

Meetings on Tuesday will inform parents and the community about what is happening on school campuses regarding security, counseling, and cyber bullying.

Every school in Lake County has a resource officer or a guardian -- sometimes both.

A guardian is a school administrator who is allowed to carry a weapon on campus. Lake County had a total of 26 guardians go through the 132-hour training course with law enforcement.

The Sheriff says that more than 3,000 school personnel have also been trained for active shooter threats.

"Under stressful situations, you will resort back to your training and that's why you want the repetition of the training of these drills," says Lake County Sheriff Payton Grinnell. 

School leaders say that they feel confident that they have done the best they can to protect their kids. They acknowledge though that the greatest threat they have is from those kids that are not able to get the mental health help that they need. That is why starting in August, every school will be equipped with mental health counseling.

School leaders say that students may also start to notice signs for Crimeline in schools. Crimeline is a tool to anonymously report tips about a crime or threat. They want teachers, parents, and students to know that they can call that number at 1-800-423-TIPS.