KFC offering Colonel Sanders bearskin rug as part of Valentine's Day giveaway


KFC has already provided the firewood and the scented candle, so it only makes sense that they would try to complete the seductive trifecta with a bearskin — or rather, a Colonel-skin — rug.

The fast-food chain is offering its biggest fans the chance to win just such an item as part of a Valentine’s Day contest designed to supply the lucky (?) winners with KFC-themed “date nights for a year.”

"I'm no dating expert, but the only thing I can think of that's more romantic than eating fried chicken on Valentine's Day, is eating fried chicken on a faux bearskin rug created in the likeness of the greatest chicken salesman of all time,” said Andrea Zahumensky, the chief marketing officer of KFC U.S.

KFC is also giving fans three different opportunities to enter the contest, which is currently accepting submissions via Reddit. To enter, bizarre-rug-enthusiasts have the choice of:

Visit www.foxnews.com for entry details.