'Juice jacking': Be careful using public USB chargers, authorities warn

Officials are warning people about public USB charging stations at malls and airports, because of practice known as "juice jacking."

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, hackers can load malware onto these charging stations and infect people's phones.

"Within minutes of being plugged in, the malware could lock the device, or send private information like passwords, addresses, or even a full backup of the phone directly to the criminal," said Luke Sisak, the LA Deputy District Attorney.

Orlando International Airport has dozens of USB charging ports. Travelers like Nicole Menson says she uses them regularly.

"Other countries have different ports, so us having this, and we can just pop out our charger," she said. "It’s kind of convenient for me." 

Officials said to avoid being hacked, people should use regular AC outlets, use car chargers, or portable power supplies.