'I’m happy with today' says mom of toddler recovering from bone marrow transplant

A toddler is doing well after receiving a bone marrow transplant in her fight against a rare form rare of leukemia.  Chloe Bella Carvalho, 4, is currently recovering at Advent Health for Children.

"We have to keep her safe during this time while we wait for her cell counts to come back and teach her immune system and her old immune system to live happily," said Dr. Susan Kelly.

FOX 35 News first told you about Chloe's story in October as she searched for a donor.  It was shortly after that a stranger stepped forward.

"He took his time, he wasn’t selfish and he wanted to help and save my daughter," said her mom Nayara Hermes.

It's been a tough journey for Hermes.

"Sad to see the perfect little girl happy and smiling, not being herself," she said.

Now, it's a waiting game.

"Waiting for her new cells. It’s kind of like growing a garden kinda planted seeds and now we’re seeing the plants growing," said Dr. Kelly.

Her mom hopes her story encourages people to register to become donors. She says right now the fight isn't over.

"I don’t know about tomorrow, I only have hopes and dreams. I’m happy with today," she said.