If you park like this in Florida, police could fine you up to $100

Photo: Flagler Beach Police Department

Parking in the wrong direction can cost you up to $100 in Florida, the Flagler Beach Police Department warns. 

In a Facebook post, police shared a photo of a wrong-way parking job at the beach and they're urging residents to not follow in that driver's footsteps. In the photo, four cars are seen parked on the side of the road. Three of them are parked on the right side, while the other is facing the wrong way. 

Police said this is not only punishable by fine, but it's also dangerous for the driver and other people on the road. 

"Parking the wrong direction requires the driver to cross oncoming traffic twice," the Flagler Beach Police Department said. 


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In the Florida Driver Handbook, drivers should always park on the right side of the street unless it's a one-way. 

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In this instance, the Flagler Beach Police Department fined this driver $100.