Hydroxychloroquine arrives in Central Florida, receives approval for distribution from Department of Justice

A controversial anti-malaria drug used as a treatment against coronavirus has arrived in Central Florida.

Places like Taylor's Pharmacy in Winter Park have received shipments of hydroxychloroquine.

Some experts warn that the drug can potentially cause dangerous side effects. Two clinical trials of it were stopped because of heart complications.

A doctor in Central Florida told FOX 35 News that it has worked on his patients. However, he believes more studies need to be done. 

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"May patients have fared great. I haven't had any major side effects. I have had close monitoring and that's key," he said. "We need more studies and I think you're going to find physicians on the fence. You're going to find probably 50 percent who are willing to prescribe it and 50 percent who are not willing to prescribe it."

The U.S. Department of Justice has released a letter stating that they support the distribution of hydroxychloroquine so that it can be used as a method of treatment for coronavirus.


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