Disturbance in the Atlantic could have possible impacts on Florida

As the end of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season approaches, the tropics are heating up with three systems currently being monitored, one of which could have weather impacts on Florida next week. Watch video above for full tropics forecast.  

An area of low pressure could develop over the Bahamas early next week, possibly bringing wind and rain impacts to Florida during that time. As of Thursday, the system has a 30-percent chance of developing. 

"Could it be moving closer to Florida? Likely going to be bringing a rise in rain chances here locally as we head into the early portion of next week," says FOX 35 Storm Team Meteorologist Allison Gargaro.

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If the system does develop into a named storm, it would be Nicole. 

The FOX 35 Storm Team will be monitoring the disturbance and bring you any developing updates. 

Meanwhile, Hurricane Lisa and Hurricane Martin both formed in the Atlantic on Wednesday. You can see their latest tracks and outlook HERE.