Homeowner fights off robbers with a machete

Five men were arrested in Sarasota, Florida, on Friday, June 16, in connection with an armed robbery which saw a homeowner fight off and disarm intruders with a machete.

Officers from the Sarasota Sheriff’s Office received a report of “suspicious person armed with a rifle” at a local residence at around 4.45am on June 16. However, the homeowner had disarmed the intruder — and scared away two of the thief’s accomplices — with the help of a machete before authorities arrived.

Video released by the Sheriff’s office shows the homeowner in his back yard when three men — armed with a shotgun, machete and crowbar respectively — attempt to rob the victim and another man. When the trio enter his yard, the homeowner sprints inside, before charging back out at them with a machete of his own.

In total, five people were taken into custody and charge, according to police.