Holiday rush is on at Central Florida grocery stores

Grocery stores across Central Florida are busy as last-minute shoppers get items for their Christmas meal.

“They’re out shopping, and they’re happy to get stuff on the table for their families,” said Sandra Williams, who works at IGA Mt. Plymouth.

The locally owned grocery store had a steady stream of customers on Christmas Eve. Some like Ruth Schoffstall opted for a traditional menu.

“Turkey ham all the fixings,” she said.

Others, like Brenda R. Dietrick, switched things up, going the non-traditional route.

“I know this sounds crazy, but I’m going off the trails. I’m doing stuffed green peppers,” she said.

“Going to be lasagna and meatloaf,” added Yolanda Perez.

With aisles packed at stores like IGA, some like the Reynor family opted to pick-up pre-made meals at places like Boston Market.

“My kids are grown now, they want me to do things easier,” said Cheryl Reynor.

But whether they plan to order out, or plan to spend the day in the kitchen - all agree it’s not what you’re eating, but who you’re eating it with.

“My family is my whole life, so absolutely,” said Dietrick.“Family. It’s the most important thing,” added Reynor.