'He didn't move': Father of child struck by car on Daytona Beach recalls moments after crash

A young boy continues to recover after being hit by a car that crashed into the ocean Sunday in Daytona Beach. 

David Alamos, 5, was struck after the white Nissan Altima rammed through a beach access ramp shortly before 5 p.m. and ended up in the water.  While the boy didn’t break any bones, he did receive stitches for deep cuts. His father said this has been a terrifying situation for their entire family.  "It’s just hard that almost lose him," said Hugo Alamos, the victim's father. 

The family is visiting from Nashville and had just arrived at the beach. Alamos said he didn’t think being near the ramp was safe for his young boys, so he found a new spot and went to grab his children.

"I have a feeling that it’s going to happen something, so I tell my wife three times, ‘We gotta move!’" he said. "I went, I think, like 20 steps. I just heard ‘Pow!’ like a bomb."

At first, Alamos said he thought everybody was ok until he saw his little boy has been injured.  "I didn’t see anybody get hurt. The only thing I see was my kid was there," he said through tears. "He didn’t move."

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The boy, who is set to begin kindergarten this year, was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center for treatment of injuries to his chest and arm. Alamos said he is grateful it wasn’t worse.  "The doctor said he’s got nothing, no bones broken. He’s OK. He’s fine right now."

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A driver crashed into Daytona Beach and into the ocean Sunday afternoon, possibly due to a medical episode. Officials said a child was struck and taken to the hospital. Unclear on other injuries.

According to a report from Volusia County Beach Safety, investigators believe the driver of the car suffered some kind of medical episode, possibly a seizure, and lost control of the vehicle. The driver's fiancée, a passenger in the car, tried to take control but was unable to avoid the crowds. A relative speaking on behalf of the family shared a message of concern.

"As a family, we are extremely tormented by the fact that we learned there was a five-year-old that was struck by the car yesterday and our hearts and prayers are with the family," said Waleska Lugo-DeJesus.

There were four people in the Altima, two of whom were children. All are expected to be OK.