Hair stylists disappointed they will have to wait to reopen

Restaurants and many retail stores outside of Southeast Florida can start reopening Monday with limited occupancy as part of the first phase of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ economic-recovery effort after the coronavirus caused massive shutdowns.

However, movie theaters will remain closed, as will bars, gyms and hair salons, and visitors will continue to be prevented from going to hospitals and nursing homes. 

Hair stylists day they are disappointed they can’t go back to work. At Mondi Salon in Orlando, stylists are ready to open. They have a plan to stagger clients seating and have them wait in cars till after the chairs are disinfected.

However, after hearing the governor's update, stylists are disappointed they won’t be able to return yet. Jim Whitbeck has been out of work for five weeks and was denied unemployment we asked him how he feels about the governors decision.

“Frustrated. I understand he’s trying to keep everyone safe, but we’re under pressure to try and make a living," Whitbeck says, "and we’re not in a position where we can social distance so it’s hard for us.”

He’s waiting to hear what will happen in the second phase. When the salon reopens everyone will have to wear masks.