Gun shop owner offers free concealed carry classes

With all the mass shootings that have happened in the country recently, a Florida gun shop owner is offering free concealed carry classes to help people better understand how guns are used.

“People are focused on the political issue,” Florida Gun Supply owner Andy Hallinan said. “We don’t think it’s a political issue going on. We think it’s a public safety issue.”

Hallinan has trained about 30,000 people to concealed carry. He’s now hoping to train a lot more. He’s offering discounted concealed carry classes to anyone who wants one. The classes normally cost $85. He’s teaching them for free. The participant just has to pay a $20 range fee.

“Our goal is to have a community that is so well armed and trained that my six year old son doesn’t have to worry about going to Walmart or going to a movie theater or anything like that,” Hallinan said

Hallinan started his business after the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting. Since there have been two mass shootings this month and several recent arrests of people making threats to commit mass shootings, he feels now is a good time to offer the courses.

“So we’re kind of putting our money where our mouth is saying that we know that bad guys exist, and we know that they’re getting angrier and more dangerous, and we want to do something about it by helping the good guys have a level playing field,” Hallinan said.

People who use the gun range near Hallinan’s business agree.

“It teaches them how to do it in a safe manner and that’s the most important thing,” gun owner Kemble Legg said.

Hallinan has had about a hundred people sign up since he announced the classes, but he said he understands there are people who do not agree with his decision.

“If enough people come together and get armed, get trained and carry daily, we can really make Ocala and the surrounding areas the safest place in America to live,” Hallinan said.