Grandmother surprised with tickets to see Justin Timberlake

"Is this for real," exclaimed a Florida grandmother after her granddaughter surprised her with tickets to Justin Timberlake at the Amway Center in May.

Granddaughter Sarah Watson said that her grandmother, Bette Maloney, is obsessed with Justin Timberlake. In fact, every time her iPad needs "fixing," its because she has too many windows of Justin Timberlake open in Safari.



Sarah surprised Bette with tickets to his upcoming Orlando show after Easter dinner. Her daughter said brought up the idea of going through our Easter baskets and said that Bette needed to open her big egg first.

Upon opening it, she was confused. She saw the back of the ticket and thought it was a Chinese fortune cookie paper. But when she turned it around, she noticed it was a Justin Timberlake ticket.

With tears in her eyes, the grandmother just couldn't contain her excitement.

Watch her full reaction below.


Bette says that she used to watch Timberlake on Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon. "I really liked him. I thought he had a very nice personality," she said. "I think he's a very, very nice young man and he's so talent. He writes, sings, dances, acts, performs. And he's married and has a baby. He seems to be pretty settled."

And despite not liking much of the music of today, she said that she enjoys Timberlake a lot. She even saw him on the 20/20 tour.