Governor Greg Abbott's message of hope on National Day of Prayer

As the state of Texas continues to suffer the effects of Hurricane Harvey, Governor Greg Abbott proclaimed Sunday Sept. 3 as a Day of Prayer. He along with many Austinites gathered at Hyde Park Baptist Church Sunday morning to share their message of hope.

Abbott was greeted by a full house of church goers at the service.

“Through the storm he is lord and that is exactly what we have seen in the past week,” said Abbott.

He chose to focus on Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. “The tragedy that has fallen upon Texas has impacted far more than just the people of this state. This had a profound affect across our entire nation an affect that touches the lives of so many,” he said.

He asked attendees to take a moment and recognize the greater powers working behind the natural disaster.

“Texans helping Texans. We’ve seen people struggling in rising water not knowing where they would get help and it was a stranger coming in to help a stranger in a canoe or a boat or a high water vehicle, literally rescuing lives,” said Gov.Abbott.

President Trump also proclaimed Sept. 3rd as a National Day of Prayer.

Abbott wrapped up by encouraging people to pray for those who are risking their lives to help others. “Our national guard our first responders so many people across the state have responded in a very profound way.” The Day of Prayer wasn’t just recognized in the United State, Pope Francis also responded and said a prayer for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.