Gov. DeSantis set to make announcement Friday on re-opening gyms

Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to make an announcement Friday about gyms re-opening in Florida.

During a news conference Thursday, the governor strongly hinted that he might be ready to allow them to get back to business.

“First of all, this is a virus that if you're in good shape, you're probably going to be okay,” Governor DeSantis said. “So why would we want to dissuade people from going to be in shape?"

He did not provide any details on what the re-opening of gyms could look like but many people expect there will be limits on capacity and social distancing requirements.

Florida is currently in phase one of its re-opening plan. Under the White House re-opening guidelines gyms are allowed to re-open during phase one. But Governor DeSantis previously said he wanted to wait and see what other states were doing before he made a decision on gyms.

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Gym owners in Central Florida have been anxiously waiting to get back to business and have been putting social distancing and extra sanitation measures in place in anticipation. 

SUBU CrossFit Co-Owner Miguel Senior said, “We’ve been measuring out and picturing how the classes would flow to make sure everyone has adequate space and feels good about being here without having to worry about safety.”

Senior said when they re-open people will also be required to wipe down equipment and anything they come in contact with using disinfectant wipes.

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Patrons at Rock Hard Fitness will be required to spray their hands and feet with sanitizer before coming into the gym. Members will also have personal workout stations outfitted with workout equipment.

Rock Hard Fitness Owner Max Dunley said, “[That’s] so they don’t have to worry about cross contamination or having five or six people share one little spot.”

When the governor makes his announcement, you can watch it live on FOX 35 News.