'Good Day Orlando' Anchor Amy Kaufeldt returns after taking time for medical leave

She's back! Longtime Anchor Amy Kaufeldt returned to Good Day Orlando Monday morning after taking time on medical leave for breast cancer treatment.

The GDO family beautifully welcomed her back the moment she walked into the newsroom with flowers, balloons, cards and more.

 It's safe to say she felt the love.

"You guys put on a show this morning. I walked in and it was crazy, and in the newsroom there's balloons everywhere and flowers," Kaufeldt said as she returned to the news desk for the first since May. "I just want to express my thanks to everybody whose been so sweet to me over the last couple of months."

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From emails, to cards, to text messages, Kaufeldt says she's extremely grateful for such a supportive community.

"It's really been overwhelming, and I'm so grateful. So thank you to all of you," Kaufeldt said. 

So how is she feeling these days? Kaufeldt said it's been a little over a month since she had her surgery —  and she feels great!

"I was ready to come back and sorta get back into the swing of things, and, I just want to feel normal," Kaufeldt shared.

We're glad to have you back, Amy!