Giant whale shark spotted off the coast of Florida

A giant whale shark was spotted off the coast of Florida.

Blue Heron Fishing told FOX 35 that the whale shark was spotted just four miles offshore of Juno Beach.

Captain John Sevcik was reportedly fishing for mutton and yellowtail snappers when they spotted the whale shark.

Observers on the charter boat said that seeing it was "pure amazement" and a "once in a lifetime experience."

Blue Heron Fishing posted an image of the whale shark on their Facebook with the caption "Whale shark!! Amazing! Let's go fishing!!"

The whale shark is considered a rarity for the area, as they stay mainly in more tropical waters closer to the equator.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the whale shark is a plankton-feeding shark and is endangered. They are often hunted by commercial fisheries. While whale sharks can grow to be more than 40-feet, they are not dangerous to humans like great white sharks are. 

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.