Get Toyota service tips on how to change a tire!

When you’re growing up, there are important practical skills you learn: how to cook for yourself, how to unclog a drain… but did you ever learn how to change flat tire? These are all handy things to know how to do by yourself! If you don’t know how to change a car tire, Toyota of Orlando is here to help! Our Toyota service techs are giving you tips on how to be ready for a flat tire and how to change one!

Properly prep your car with Toyota service tips!

No one expects to have a flat tire on their way to work, but it happens to the best of us! Since having a tire blow out is an unexpected event, it’s best to have your car ready for such an occasion at all times! The experts at our Toyota Service Center in Orlando suggest keeping certain equipment in your trunk.

  • A car jack- While lifting your car up with your bare hands could be possible, it’s easier to just use a jack to hold it up!
  • A lug wrench- You’ll need this to get those lug nuts off of your wheel!
  • A spare tire- Replace that flat, useless tire with properly inflated one!

Our Orlando Toyota service technicians also suggest keeping other items on hand like a flashlight or a towel! A flashlight will help you see what you’re doing at night and a towel to clean your hands or to put down on the ground.

Learn how to change a flat tire from Toyota of Orlando!

  • If you find yourself having a flat tire, the first thing you should do is pull over! It’s dangerous and detrimental to your car to drive distances on a flat tire. Pull safely off of to the side of the road and turn on your hazard lights.
  • After you’ve moved safely off of the road, remove the hubcap and use the lug wrench to loosen up the lug nuts.
  • Once the lug nuts are loose, but not removed, use the jack to lift the wheel 5 or 6 inches off of the ground. Make sure to consult your owner’s manual to know exactly where to put the jack without damaging the body or frame of your car!
  • If your car is lifted up securely, use the lug wrench to finish removing all of the lug nuts. To remove the wheel, pull hard! Our Toyota service techs in Orlando want to remind you to pull the wheel straight off as to not damage the axle!
  • Replace the old tire with the spare tire! Make sure to put it on straight! Replace all of the lug nuts and tighten them with the lug wrench!
  • Carefully lower your car back onto the ground and put the jack and lug wrench back in your trunk!

Voila! In a matter of minutes you’ve changed a car tire and saved yourself time and money! 

It’s important not to drive far on a spare tire! Bring your car into our Toyota Service Center in Orlando for a new car tire replacement! We’re located 3575 Vineland Rd., just off of I-4!

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