Friend remembers Florida mom of 2 killed in crash with accused DUI driver

A Winter Springs man is reflecting on the life of his friend who was killed in a crash involving an alleged drunk driver. 

"She made you feel valued. She made you feel like she cared about you. And it was genuine," Michael Smith said of 29-year-old Tiffany Alexander.

Alexander was accelerating through a green light at the intersection of State Road 434 and Vistawilla Drive when she was slammed into by another driver. She later died at the hospital.

Michael was on the phone with his wife, Stephanie, at the time of the crash. Stephanie was driving directly behind Tiffany.

"Ten seconds into our conversation, Steph just started screaming and said, ‘I’ve got to go,’" he said. "It was just all a blur and just a rush of emotions."

Authorities said Tiffany Alexander, wife and mother of two, was killed by a DUI driver in Winter Springs, Florida. [Credit: Photography by Désirée]

He said Stephanie rushed to the aid of Tiffany and her two daughters, who were also in the car. She got the children out of the car, and they were later treated for their injuries.


"Normally, when you see an accident like that, you hear the sound of screeching brakes or swerving tires or something," Smith said. "There was nothing."

The alleged driver of the other vehicle, Asnubil Escobar, is accused of driving drunk at the time of the crash. Police said her blood alcohol level was five times the legal limit. She’s being held at the Seminole County Jail without bond. 

Ansubil Escobar was arrested and charged with vehicular DUI homicide, DUI, DUI with injury and DUI with damage to property on May 22, 2024. (Photo: Seminole County Jail)

Smith said he hasn’t spent much time thinking about Escobar; instead, he’s been reflecting on Tiffany’s impact. 

"She was the driving force in that family. She was always so happy. Always. So when she walked into the room, she just lit it up," he said. "Tiffany was a great person who impacted a lot of people, who had just an abundance of love."

Michael and Stephanie have started a GoFundMe fundraiser, raising over $80,000.