Fort Worth sergeant fired over "use of force" in August arrest

The Fort Worth Police Department fired a 22-year veteran of the force after an internal review of an August arrest that was “eerily reminiscent" of Jacqueline Crag’s viral arrest in 2015.

Video released Monday night by the department shows a woman calling Fort Worth police for help in a domestic disturbance. Instead, she ends up in handcuffs and tased.

In a statement announcing the move, Fort Worth police said Sgt. Kenneth Pierce was fired for multiple violations uncovered after an internal “use of force” review. The announcement came with the release of the body cam that included the moment the woman was tased.

In the video, Peirce can be heard telling a rookie officer to deploy a taser. Pierce then handcuffed the woman. They say officers were responding to a woman who had called to ask for help in a domestic disturbance.

The video shows the woman become argumentative with police when asked to show her ID. Police also asked her why she had a knife in her purse at one point. The two officers then struggle with the woman.

“She was producing identification, as requested, but nevertheless, Fitzgerald said Pierce became ‘impatient, initiated an unnecessary physical confrontation, and then ordered a rookie police officer to 'Tase' the woman,’” the department said in the press release.

The woman was charged, but the charges were later dropped. Fort Worth police say they have since reached out to the woman but have not heard back. The department also says it's not showing her face or revealing her identity since it was a domestic violence case.

The department said the case was "eerily reminiscent" of a viral arrest last year.

Jacqueline Craig was arrested last December. She called police to complain about a neighbor choking her son. The arresting Officer William Martin was instead critical of Craig and arrested her and two of her daughters.  The charges against Craig were dropped. Martin was given a 10-day suspension.

The full video can be seen here. Be aware that it contains foul language.