Former Seminole County tax collector Joel Greenberg pleads not guilty to new charges, court documents reveal

Former Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg has pleaded not guilty to new charges filed against him last week, court documents and his attorney revealed.

The new charges against Greenberg claimed that he used his position to gain access to personal information of people and created fake IDs to engage in a “sugar daddy” relationship with a teenage girl. 

Greenberg's attorney and court documents revealed that he has pleaded not guilty to these new charges. An arraignment is scheduled for Greenberg on Thursday but he has reportedly waived his appearance.

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In June, Greenberg was charged with stalking and for the unlawful use of a means of identification of another person.

Investigators said Greenberg attempted to cause emotional distress to a political foe who worked at a Florida school by sending letters to the school impersonating an anonymous student and claiming his opponent had engaged in sexual misconduct with a minor. However, the indictment stated that Greenberg knew this was false. 

He was accused of stealing identities, according to federal investigators. Federal prosecutors say Greenberg, 35, used driver’s licenses surrendered to his office by customers to create fake IDs for himself.

"During the time when he was the Seminole County Tax Collector, Joel Micah Greenberg used his access to the Seminole County Tax Collector to take surrendered driver licenses before they were shredded," the indictment states, adding that he used them "to cause fake driver licenses to be produced that had his photograph but the personal information of the victims whose driver licenses he had taken."

According to the indictment, Greenberg twice produced fake identification using a Puerto Rico driver's license and a Florida driver's license.


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