Florida wildlife officials catch large lizard that had been on the loose for a year

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Wildlife officials have finally captured a large invasive lizard that had been running loose in Florida for more than a year.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission said on their Facebook page that they recently captured and removed an invasive Asian water monitor from the wild. The elusive lizard measured at 5-feet, 2-inches long and weighed 20 pounds.

They said that staff, volunteers, and partners have set traps and searched for this non-native reptile for over a year now. Capturing the lizard helps protect Florida's native wildlife by preventing the establishment of new non-native species in the state.

If you see a non-native species in Florida, the FWC asks that you take a picture and report it using the IveGot1 app, through IveGot1.org website, or by calling the Exotic Species Hotline at 888-483-4681.

FWC also asks that you do not let exotic pets loose. They have an Exotic Pet Amnesty Program that can help if you have an exotic pet that you can no longer care for.

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.