Florida Wendy's customer gifts employee with card, cash after learning restaurant is short staffed

(Photos via Carolyn Bravo Diaz)

If you need proof that kindness still exists in this world, keep reading.

Carolyn Bravo Diaz took to social media Saturday to share how a kind stranger gifted her son, who works at a Central Florida Wendy's restaurant, with a thank you card containing cash and a sweet message.

For the past few weeks, her son and another employee have been the only workers at the fast-food restaurant, according to Diaz's Facebook post

A customer reportedly became upset after the order she placed in the drive-through line took longer than expected (15 minutes) to be done. 


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"She was very upset about it and complained to the manager on duty. After the manager spoke to her and explained to her that there were only two employees working, she came back with a gift for my son," Diaz wrote. 

Diaz shared photos of the card with FOX 35 News. It reads:

"You and I don't know each other but I came through your drive-thru this morning. I believe God wants you to know He sees you. He sees what a GREAT job you are doing amidst tremendous difficulty. He sees how hard you are working without any help. He sees your dedication and commitment to doing your best. He is PROUD of you and so am I. The Lord is going to use this difficult situation for your good and He is going to bless you for choosing to do the right and for ‘showing up.’"

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(Photo via Carolyn Bravo Diaz)

"God bless you," Diaz wrote.