Florida pledges $37.6 million for Volusia beach recovery, residents say its not enough

Daytona Beach Shores is still recovering from the damaging effects of Hurricanes Ian and Nicole. Deborah Taylor lives along the beach and says they have lots of work ahead of them. "We're in the process of getting estimates to build a seawall, we need millions of dollars, we really do."

She and other residents gathered to hear Gov. Ron DeSantis’ announcement that the state will give Volusia county $37.6 million for beach recovery. "Out of the $100 million we are allocating, $37.6 million will go right here to Volusia County," he said.

Taylor said it was appreciated, but the problem is bigger than that. "Those of us who want to build and protect our homes, we need to be able to do that right now, and we can't do it with $37 million, because that will only buy maybe ten seawalls out here."

Daytona Beach Shores Mayor Nancy Miller said they were aiming to restore the damaged area. "We're looking forward to collaborating with our state, county, and federal government to restore our beautiful beaches to where they were before the hurricane."

Residents say they also need help getting permits for the work. "There are dollars available, let's go. So we need Volusia County to jump in, we need them to help us push through with the DEP and Florida Fish and Wildlife," said beachfront homeowner John Danis.

State officials say they're telling their teams to work quickly to grant recovery permits. They say staff will be on-site here Thursday and Friday to help residents with those permits.