Florida now has some of the lowest COVID case numbers nationwide

The COVID-19 cases in Florida are now so low that, not only has Orange County removed its state of emergency, but also officials in Seminole County are also looking to make big changes, possibly as soon as Friday. 

After months of being a hot spot, Florida now has some of the lowest numbers of COVID cases in the country. 

"We saw a study from the University of Florida that said approximately 80% of the population has some type of antibodies now well that’s getting close to herd immunity so that’s exactly where we wanted to get," said Seminole County Emergency Manager Alan Harris. Harris says the daily positivity rate is between 3% and 5%. 

"That’s really positive. I feel like we need more positive news," said Leo Depaz, of Lake Mary. "I’m optimistic overall that things are improving and the numbers will continue to go down." 

"We’ll be able to go back to normal operations. We did that in June for a few weeks and then the Delta variant came," said Harris.

That could mean dropping masks for county employees and getting back to the training and exercises they haven’t had time for in recent months. 

Some worry it’s too early to let down our guard. 

"They’re just looking to bring more tourists back to our area. They could bring COVID right back to us and I think we’re being too lackadaisical about it," said Bobbie Long, of Apopka.

Harris says COVID will remain a priority. He predicts a slight surge in January after the holidays but for now, he’s focusing on the good. 

"So we’re really excited that we’re going to be able to get back to our normal operations and not solely respond to COVID."

Alan Harris says the latest report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with numbers will come down on Friday, and that’s when leaders will make the decision about what to do in Seminole County.

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