Florida Medical Association asks DeSantis to lift restrictions on elective surgeries

The Florida Medical Association says Governor Ron DeSantis should lift restrictions on non-essential elective surgeries.

DeSantis prohibited non-emergency procedures last month to preserve resources and supplies amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

“Even though they may not be emergent, they’re still important. We really need to get the ball rolling again,” said Orlando Dr. Jason Littleton of Littleton Concierge Medicine.

The FMA’s letter to the governor says in part: "It is essential that florida physicians get back to seeing patients as soon as it safe for them to do so. There are thousands of patients with chronic kidney disease who are being asked to postpone visits. There are delays in treatment for certain cancer, cardiac bypass and congestive heart failure patients."

“Chronic pain is an issue. We have orthopedic surgeries that are on back order,” Littleton added. He says he’s heard from people desperate for surgeries that currently aren’t allowed.

“We do not want a second surge where ERs are flooded with patients who have been waiting for elective surgeries,” he said.

The Florida Medical Association says it would like to begin the non-essential procedures in places with low and stable coronavirus numbers. A gradual reopening could also save some doctors’ practices from going under.

“You have surgical offices… the concern is, you don't want them to go bankrupt,” Littleton said.

FOX 35 reached out to the governor’s office for comment on the letter and haven’t heard back.