Florida man accused of torturing girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter

A Florida man is accused of torturing his girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter by burning her, shooting her with a BB gun and wearing a werewolf mask to scare her.

Andrew Ross Celaius was arrested April 9 but additional charges were announced Wednesday. Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan described videos investigators found of the 37-year-old torturing the child as "the thing nightmares are made of."

Morgan says Celaius placed the dog collar on the girl and shocked her awake at night. Then he stood over her wearing a werewolf mask.

Investigators say the mother didn't know about the abuse. It was discovered when she brought the girl to the hospital for treatment of ringworm, which turned out to be burns.

Celaius faces multiple counts of child cruelty. A lawyer isn't listed on jail records.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.