Wildfire threatening Ormond Beach homes is 100% contained, Florida fire officials say

A raging wildfire that was threatening homes on Cypress Trail Drive in Ormond Beach is now 100-percent contained. 

The flames lit up the night sky on Wednesday evening as the fire dumped soot and ash into the neighborhood just off Clyde Morris Blvd.

Charlene and Jason Dowell have been watching the woods behind their home smolder since the fire broke out on Monday and have seen plumes of smoke pop up all around their home since.  "The ash was just pouring down on the houses and our family. We would turn the sprinklers on we are hosing down the roofs," explained Jason Dowell. 

The Florida Forest Service confirms 28 acres of land were burned in two separate fires just days apart. 

"We are waiting for them to come knock on the door and basically say you need to evacuate," said Charlene Dowell.

One of the fires nearly reached the Tomoka Christian Church. 

"Literally, you’re standing right where they had the truck they said the fire does not pass this truck," said Sr. Pastor Joe Putting.

The Florida Forest Service said they are coming out multiple times a day to make sure that the smoldering ash doesn’t reignite into flames. 

Investigators believe the fires were started by a person, but they do not know if it was accidental or intentional yet.