Florida family throws special adoption ceremony for 4-year-old boy

Officially a part of the family, mom and dad are welcoming Theo into the Schaff family.

Due to constraints of the pandemic of COVID-19, a formal virtual adoption ceremony took place Wednesday this week. Then on Saturday, Dad Drew and Mom Alecia threw Theo a welcome party like no other.

Now at four-years-old, Theo was taken from his parents due to neglect and possible abuse. After many months and years, the state decided it was best to terminate the parents’ rights.

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Almost three years ago, Drew and Alecia opened the door to Theo: a sweet, scared little boy who soon would show them how full of energy and fire he really is. 

“This sweet and salty boy has given us so much challenge, but sooooo much joy! He keeps us in check and keeps us laughing,” mom said. “He has a smile that will change your bad mood and light up a room all at the same time.”

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