VIDEO: Florida driver saved after truck gets stuck underwater in Volusia County

A man was saved by Volusia County Deputies after his truck became submerged in floodwaters from Hurricane Ian early Saturday morning.

Deputies said around 2 a.m, they responded to the stranded man who was standing on the roof of his "totally submerged Chevy Silverado."

The man waited as deputies said they navigated two miles around several other abandoned cars in deep water.

He was able to get pulled to safety after deputies tossed a life-saving raft to the man.

Volusia County has endeared much chaos after Hurricane Ian bought massive floodwaters leaving hundreds of residents stranded in their homes with waist deep water. 

Some residents have lost their lives following Hurricane Ian. 

A 72-year-old Deltona man reportedly was using a hose to drain his pool down a hill and into a 30-foot-wide canal, where a steep decline into the water was extremely soft and slippery due to the heavy rain. 

His body was found unresponsive in a canal behind the home. 

A New Smyrna Beach man lost his life after he drowned in his home awaiting rescue. 

On Friday, Volusia County reported a third death related to Hurricane Ian after a woman was pulled into the ocean by a big wave during the hurricane this week.

Rescue efforts are still underway as many Floridians are still without power and stranded in flooded neighborhoods.