Is marijuana legal in Florida? Amendment 3 could legalize recreational pot this year in the state

Medical marijuana was made legal in Florida back in 2016. This year, many voters will meet back at the polls with the hopes of making recreational marijuana legal – or not. 

Florida Amendment 3, also known as the Marijuana Legalization Initiative, is on the November 2024 ballot to possibly make marijuana legal in the state for adults over the age of 21. 

The proposed constitutional amendment has sparked controversy among residents and politicians throughout the Sunshine State. 

Last month, DeSantis expressed his distaste for the marijuana bill, alleging that the state will smell like marijuana. 

"The weed one is not just decriminalize. It's basically a license to have it anywhere you want," DeSantis said. "No time, place, and manner restrictions. This state will start to smell like marijuana in our cities and towns; it will reduce the quality of life." 

Florida will 'start to smell like marijuana' if recreational weed amendment passes: DeSantis

Just a few days ago, popular Orlando lawyer John Morgan revealed his position on the legislation. 

"I believe, I know, that marijuana laws in the United States of America have been the most unjust, unfair, most draconian laws ever," Morgan said at a news conference.

Morgan said he smoked marijuana and used edibles regularly and also believes the amendment will pass. 

The ballot measure needs a 60 percent margin of approval to pass. 

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Backed by the marijuana industry and a group called Smart & Safe Florida, the campaign reported receiving $54.93 million in contributions, with Trulieve, a marijuana dispensary throughout the U.S. and Florida, being the main contributor. 

If passed, adults over the age of 21 can have up to three ounces of marijuana, almost 85 grams, with up to five grams of concentrate. 

Since November 2023, 24 states and Washington D.C., have legalized recreational marijuana.