Flood warnings issued after storms bring hail, lightning

The FOX 35 Weather Team tracked numerous thunderstorms that developed late Thursday afternoon across east-central Florida. The greatest coverage of storms was across the inland counties of the FOX 35 viewing area where four to six inches of rain fell in some places, causing extensive flooding.

FOX 35 Lightning Tracker


These storms were slow-moving and produced dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning strikes, torrential downpours, and wind gusts up to 50 mph.

Flood warnings were issued early Thursday evening in Osceola County, where several cars were reported to have stalled in roadways in St. Cloud and Narcoossee. 

"Four to six inches of rain has fallen in that area," FOX 35 Chief Meteorologist Glenn Richards.  

Lightning was also a big threat with these storms, which extended from Central Florida to North Florida. Officials said three people in Clay County were injured connected to a lightning strike at an apartment complex in Middleburg. Crews responded to an electrocution call around 2:40 p.m. and performed on CPR one victim, a roofer. 

"Two nearby homes were also struck by lightning during this same storm," explained Richards.  "Slightly colder temperatures aloft helped in producing excessive lightning within those storms today."

Remember that lightning can strike more than 10 miles away from a storm, and just because you do not hear thunder, does not mean you are safe from lightning. If you see lightning nearby, go into a sturdy building, and wait for the storms to pass before returning outdoors.

For severe weather updates, visit the FOX 35 Orlando Hurricane Center. 

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