FL man fights off bobcat • FL kid dies from flesh-eating bacteria • New Disney World ride draws controversy

A Florida man fought off a bobcat to save his dog, an 11-year-old died from flesh-eating bacteria after twisting his ankle, a Florida woman upset over a free cookie loaded her gun in an Altamonte Springs McDonald's drive-thru, a 67-year-old woman shot and killed an intruder in her Putnam County home, and a new Disney World ride is drawing major controversy over its seat size: Here is FOX 35's Week in Review. 

Florida man fights off bobcat to save dog: 'I ripped him off'

An Orlando man fought off a bobcat when it attacked his dog. Paul Broadhurst was walking his daughter's dog Koda Saturday morning in Orlando when a bobcat attacked them. "He got away lucky," said Broadhurst. "He was walking down the sidewalk that bobcat was just over the top of him. He no sooner got there, and I ripped him off." Broadhurst jumped into action and saved his daughter's dog, even if that meant he got scratched by the bobcat. "The bobcat, he clawed into me pretty good, and I end up having to punch the bobcat in the mouth to get it off of me," said Broadhurst. "Got it on the ground and it took off into the tree line."

Florida 11-year-old dies from flesh eating bacteria after twisting ankle

The family of an 11-year-old boy from Winter Park said he died after a twisted ankle and potential scratch eventually spiraled out of control. Jesse Brown got Strep-A, which then turned into something worse, eventually killing him. "In my mind, I was in complete disbelief. I was like, he’ll be fine. This could never happen to our family," Megan Brown, Jesse Brown’s cousin, said. Jesse Brown was a healthy 11-year-old. He rode motocross, was in fifth grade at Lakemont Elementary School in Orange County and was always on the go. Megan Brown said he hurt his ankle while on a treadmill a few weeks ago. A few days after that, his mom woke up to a startling sight.

'It won't shut:' New Disney World ride draws major controversy over seat size

Some riders of Disney’s TRON Lightcycle are criticizing the ride’s seat size, saying it’s too small and many guests don’t fit on it. The ride is set to open to the public in April but opened for previews in Orlando recently. "Going into it, I was nervous the whole time, or I was even skeptical like, ‘I don’t know if I’m going to fit this one,’" Jeff Jenkins, travel expert, said. Jenkins is an Orlando native and said he could tell by looking at Disney’s "Tron" that it could pose some issues for his size, when he tried to ride it at Shanghai Disneyland. The seat is like a motorcycle.

67-year-old Florida woman kills armed intruder who barged into her home in middle of night: Deputies

A 67-year-old Putnam County woman killed an intruder when he refused to leave her house after he barged in early Wednesday morning.

The woman told deputies she heard the front door handle shaking at about 3 a.m. and went to investigate. She told deputies she thought it might be her husband returning from work, so she opened the door and 64-year-old Reginald Best forced his way into her home. 

The woman was armed with a firearm and told Best to leave her home multiple times. She said Best raised up both arms, and she saw he had a gun in his hand. She said she shot him because she feared for her life. 

Florida woman irate over free cookie loads handgun, waves it at McDonald's drive-thru: affidavit

An Altamonte Springs woman was arrested and booked into jail on several charges after she allegedly loaded a handgun and began to wave it at a McDonald's drive-thru in Florida because she did not receive a free cookie she believed she was owed, according to the arrest affidavit.

Amari Bente Hendricks, 24, was booked into the Seminole County Jail on Feb. 16 on several charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, improper exhibit of a firearm, battery causing bodily harm, and resisting an officer, the report said.