First responders throw birthday surprise for 6-year-old

Local public safety officials surprised a 6-year-old girl with a birthday party she'll never forget. They wanted to do something special after no one showed up to her party over the weekend.

It all came together in less than 48 hours. From police officers to firefighters, one agency after another wanted to join in on the surprise.

"Happy Birthday to you," everyone sang.

Six-year-old Eva's wish came true, to have a Birthday party filled with friends. Those friends were law enforcement and other first responders from across the area. Texas Rural Fire Protection, Round Rock Police, Round Rock Fire, Austin Police, Williamson County Sheriff's Office and Williamson County Constable Precinct 1 were all in on the surprise.

"How did y'all know that it was her birthday," said Desiree Carolyn, Eva's mom.

"Happy Birthday, sweetie pie! How are you today? Happy Birthday! This is for you, for your 6th Birthday party," said Division Chief Michael MacDonald, Texas Rural Fire Protection.

Division Chief Michael MacDonald heard from a teacher friend that no one showed up to little Eva's Birthday party on Saturday. It wasn't hard for him to come up with a plan.

"Nobody deserves not to have a Birthday party and we're going to kind of do it Texas-style out here. Everybody was on board with it. There was no, 'Let me get back to you.' Everybody was just, 'We're there. How many people do you want?'" said Division Chief MacDonald.

The response was incredible.

"This is maybe unique to some people but it's not unique to us. We do this on a regular basis, whether it's for little Eva or whoever the need is for. We want to make this a common practice and we do. I'm just thankful to be a part of it," said Sheriff Robert Chody, Williamson County Sheriff's Office.

Eva's mother was speechless. She knew about the surprise but wasn't expecting anything like this.

"This was a parade. We literally had a little mini-personal parade. I'm so excited. This was awesome," said Carolyn.

From the parade, to birthday cake, presents, pictures and even a ride in a fire truck, Eva was all smiles.

"These men went shopping for my daughter. I had pictures coming in last night asking me, 'What's her favorite color? What do you think about this bike?' I mean, that's mind-blowing. These are all people that have full-time jobs and families and kids. To make it special for my daughter, is just a huge blessing," said Carolyn.

She sees these first responders in a whole new light.

"This absolutely gives me the hope that I think we all need in the times that we're in right now," said Carolyn.

Her family said this is the best Birthday Eva has ever had. Of course next year will be hard to beat.