Find out which 2015 Toyota are the Most America-Made Cars

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Finding an American-made car nowadays can be tricky. You may think that your best chance of getting a car that’s built in the U.S. is with brands like Ford and Chevrolet, but you might want to think twice! Toyota actually has more models on the American-Made Index than any other automotive brand. In fact, the Orlando Toyota Camry and the Toyota Sienna are the Most American-Made Cars for 2015, according to! 

2015 Toyota in Orlando are all-American cars!

Are you looking for a car that’s made right in your own backyard? Start from the top with the 2015 Toyota Camry! This new Toyota in Orlando came in first place for the list of Most American-Made Cars for 2015. 

How did come up with this list? These rankings are based on:

  • Where the contents of the car come from
  • Where the vehicle is assembled 
  • Where the car is sold

The Toyota Camry is built right in the U.S. in Kentucky and Indiana. It’s also the best-selling vehicle in America! You can’t go wrong when buying this 2015 Toyota in Orlando. Not only is it made on American soil, it has a lot to offer to your drive time, including a comfortable ride and extreme reliability!

Following close behind this 2015 Toyota in Orlando on the list of Most American-Made cars is the Toyota Sienna! This 2015 Toyota beat cars like the Ford F150, which was number one last year. The Toyota Sienna in Orlando is built right alongside the Toyota Camry at the Toyota assembly plant in Indiana!

Support local jobs by owning a Toyota Camry

What’s so special about getting an American-made car? Not only can you count on quality, you’re supporting employment in the U.S.! Many people think that buying a Toyota means they’re supporting jobs in foreign countries when it’s actually the complete opposite. In fact, the Toyota Camry supports about 5,900 assembly-plant workers! That’s more than double of how many the Chevrolet Traverse supports, which is nearly 2,000 workers. This means the Toyota Camry in Orlando supports more American jobs than any other automobile! 

When you add this figure to about 2,000 assembly-plant workers that the Toyota Sienna supports, it’s a lot of American jobs! However, the support doesn’t stop here! Many more of our 2015 Toyota in Orlando are made in America!

  • The Toyota Highlander and Toyota Sequoia are also built at the Indiana plant!
  • The popular Toyota Corolla is built at the Toyota Mississippi plant.
  • The Toyota Avalon and Toyota Venza are built at the Kentucky plant!
  • Both of our 2015 Toyota trucks, the Toyota Tundra and Toyota Tacoma, are assembled at the Toyota Texas plant!

Are you ready to get behind the wheel of an all-American car? Head to our Toyota dealership to check out these 2015 Toyota today! We’re located at 3575 Vineland Rd. near the mall at Millenia. You can also give us a call at (888) 725-3520 for more information or to schedule an appointment to meet with a sales specialist. 

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