FHP: Road rage incident caught on camera

A road rage suspect was caught during a traffic stop, after the Florida Highway Patrol says he pointed a gun at a driver.  That moment of alleged road rage was caught on camera.

“No matter what, it's scary, and you now your life is at the end of that gun,” explained victim Caleb Quanbeck, who says he will never forget that terrifying moment. “He looked mad. He was mad for sure.”

Troopers say the incident happened back in October, as Quanbeck was merging onto State Road  528.

“We were trying to get over, and he wouldn't let us and pushed us into the shoulder, and I got upset and gave him the finger. I rolled down my window to hear what he was saying to me, and as he did that, he pulled out a firearm and pointed it at us.”

And it didn't end there, Quanbeck says.

“Gets in front of me and slams on the brakes. He did it about 10 times.”

Quanbeck, who is a professional BMX rider, was able to get away, as his friend caught it all on video.

“Before I could even reach out the next day after uploading it, the sheriff reached out to me. So that was pretty cool. They're on top of their stuff watching YouTube.”

You see Quanbeck travels across the country for his own YouTube channel.

“You see a lot of things, but not so much guns pointed at you.”

Deputies arrested 21-year-old Darien Evans, charging him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and exhibiting a firearm.

Quanbeck warns others that road rage can get you in big trouble. He admits this could have been handled differently and has advice for others.

"First take a deep breath, just think a little bit longer, before you flip that middle finger, before you say something, or drive reckless to let someone know you are upset.”