Feud between rival pizza shop owners turns violent

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A feud between two business owners hit a boiling point landing one of them in jail charged with aggravated assault with the intent to commit murder. Video shows the altercation, where one of the business owners slams his car into the other owners, pushing him towards oncoming traffic. Attorneys have now filed a civil suit in the case.

It happened January 17 at the Best Western in College Park. Video shows two pizza store owners on camera arguing. That argument sparked a confrontation caught on video that led to criminal charges.

"I just lost everything, my senses. I could not imagine what happened," said Shaik Ahmed.

Monday. with his attorneys next to him, Shaik Ahmed, talked about the harassment he claims he's suffered. The night of the incident he said rival pizza business owner Hamayun Rashid followed him.

"I told him everywhere I want you were following me, you are cursing me, using slangs, you were moving my flyers," said Ahmed.

Ahmed said he tried to leave the hotel, but Rashid followed and the two continued to argue.

"He's saying I'm a very bad man. Be Afraid of me," said Ahmed.

The video shows Ahmed getting into his car, but he said he became fearful when Rashid did not leave and instead waited by the hotel exit. Ahmed said he decided to park, not expecting what he said happened next. It's an experience he said he won't soon forget.

"I'm really fearful of my life. I cannot concentrate. I'm really disturbed. I could not think. how someone can do this, before threatening," said Ahmed.

Clayton County authorities have charged Rashid with aggravated assault, and he's is out on bond for the criminal charges.

Monday, attorneys for Ahmed announced they've filed a civil lawsuit against the other owner.

FOX 5 News reached out to Rashid's attorney for comment but had not received a response as of late Monday evening.