Feds say American Legion Auxiliary treasurer embezzled

Federal prosecutors say the secretary treasurer for the American Legion Auxiliary has pleaded guilty to wire fraud.

The American Legion Auxiliary is a place where women help veterans and their families. But prosecutors say, Robin Briere embellezzed more than $650,000 from the organization and used the money to buy things like furniture for her home. Tickets to a Pink concert, as well as jewelry and electronics.

We went to Briere's Clermont  home but no one answered.  So we talked to Marilyn Sanchez, who described her neighbors.  "They're really nice people. It is pretty shocking."

Prosecutors say Briere wrote checks to herself using the Auxiliary account and used false entries to cover it up.
No one from the Auxilary got back to us. Gary Godard is part of the VFW near the Auxilary.

"It's a crying shame. Our veterans are the most important thing to us. Our veterans fought for this country and all she's doing is taking money from our veterans."

Briere pleaded guilty to wire fraud. Prosecutors say it happened from 2007 to 2014. No one suspected anything was wrong, because she was the one responsible for making the financial reports.

Gary says,"The Auxiliary, their members, they have to be related to a VFW member. Someone who served in a combat zone or someone who served in a country during the time of war. And to steal money from them is just incredible. I hope she goes away to jail. Just don't get a slap on the hand."

Briere faces up to 20 years in prison.