FDLE issues Amber Alert for Tennessee teen who could be in Central Florida

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has issued a statewide Amber Alert for a missing Tennessee teenager who could be in Central Florida. They say her life is at risk.

Authorities say John Westbrook kidnapped his 17-year-old daughter, Daphne. He is described as a man of many disguises, shielding his phones from detection and even using cryptocurrency

Authorities say Daphne can’t communicate with anyone and they believe she has been drugged.

Neal Pinkston, Hamilton Cty Tennessee District Attorney says, "Continuously smoking marijuana, she’s been drinking constantly and she has suicidal thoughts. So she’s probably not in a good place. She has a history of self mutilation and other suicidal thoughts." 

Her mother, Rhona Curtsinger, says it’s been a year since Daphne went to her father’s place, and never came home.

"Please share this story with every single person that you know. If you think you see her. If you think you see him, reach out."

Pinkson says Curtsinger and Westbrook had a bitter divorce back in 2010.

"It went to the mother’s favor and I think it’s part of what motivates the father to do what he’s doing right now."

Pinkson says they had a very credible sighting to the two in Fort Walton Beach and Sebring, where his sister lives.
Investigators raided her home over the weekend, confiscating her electronic devices.

They think Westbrook and his daughter are in a rusted-out orange Volkswagon Beetle. It has no license plate or windshield. If you spot the vehicle Pinkson says, "Call your local 911 or call the numbers or email addresses that are on the Amber Alert."

Rhona pleads to the public for help and sends a message to her daughter.

"Please know that nobody is angry. You are so loved."

Daphne has brown hair and blue eyes, stands 5-feet, 3-inches tall, and weighs 110 pounds. Her father is 6-feet, 4-inches tall, and weighs 200 pounds.

If you see them call the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-824-3463 or 911, or email: FindingDaphne@hcdatn.org

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