Father, son try to keep West Orange Trail free of litter

A father and son say they’re trying to keep the West Orange Trail free of litter.

Rob and Andrew Watson say they started picking up garbage along the West Orange Trail by Apopka High School five months ago, when they started riding their bicycles.

They say its frustrating because people keep littering as soon as they clean it up.They’re hoping others will help keep it clean, by throwing their trash away.

Rob says, “It’s mostly McDonalds and Dunkin donuts cups and bags and straws thrown around the trail. Its an eyesore from here down to the high school. It’s really ugly. I like to ride my bike because I like to see nature and I like the wind and I’m riding around and it’s like a trash dump. So it’s not fun.”

Andrew agrees, adding “I do it, because it’s the right thing to do. And I want to make sure the trails clean so others can enjoy nature the way it’s supposed to be.”

An Orange County spokesperson says they’ll send someone to clean up the area as well. The father and son say they’ll come out every two weeks to clean up the garbage