Family wakes up to driveway full of crashed cars

Neighbors along Dumas Drive in Deltona woke up to what sounded like a train wreck --  walking outside, only to, find tire marks across two lawns and a driveway full of crashed cars.

"All of a sudden I heard squealing and seen lights coming through my window. That's my bedroom right there, and I seen the lights spinning and then I heard a big loud bang," said Kevin Dant.

It happened around 1:30 Wednesday morning.  He walked out to his driveway to see his mother's SUV mangled and smashed up against his step-dad's mini van.  The minivan had been pushed off the driveway into the yard.  The front drivers size of Kevin's car was dented in too.  The vehicle that caused that mess was gone.

"All I can smell is burned oil and you know the trail of oil going all the way up the road," said Kevin.

His neighbor's surveillance camera captured video of the crash.  It shows a large SUV speeding down Dumas Drive suddenly losing control.  

"He skidded through here, all four tires sliding," said Kevin.  

The impact destroyed two cars and made the third temporarily un-drivable.  

"I don't know how they got away," Kevin said, looking at the damage to his family's three cars and the pieces of the suspect's car left behind.  

The suspect's SUV hit Dant's parents cars with such force, it knocked the rear driver's side tires off both cars.

"If anyone was standing between those vehicles, they'd be dead."

The suspect left a few big clues behind that could help investigators track down the car and possibly the driver.  Blue paint was etched into the side of the SUV and part of a front grill with a big Chevy emblem was found in the driveway.  Deputies and Dant believe it's from an older Tahoe or Suburban.

Dant's mother tells The News Station she had just finished paying off her SUV two months ago.  Now, they're hoping the public can help find the driver responsible for destroying their vehicles. And, they have a message for the driver.

 "Man up to what you done wrong," said Dant.  "I just hope they do the right thing and turn yourself in."

If you see a dark blue Chevrolet Tahoe or Suburban with significant body damage that's likely leaking oil, you're asked to call the Volusia County Sheriffs Office.