Family suffers from carbon monoxide poisoning

Four members of an Orange County family are recovering after their house filled with carbon monoxide, authorities said.

First responders rushed to the home on 1500 block of Stone Briar Way, not far from University of Central Florida.  The residents were rushed to the hospital; the family dog was taken to an emergency veterinarian.

"I woke up, there was an odor in the house, my dog is dead, my wife was taking a shower, and then she passed out! I can't get her up!" the man of the house can be heard telling a 911 dispatcher.

Crying and coughing can be heard in the background. It was a frantic, nightmarish situation, as fumes had been spreading throughout the home for hours.  Investigators said an SUV with a keyless ignition system was left running in the garage.  

"I saw the ambulance," said Evan Greenblatt, who lives in the neighborhood. "I'm upset! Those are my friends over there!  They said it was carbon monoxide...and it could happen to you. You've got to be very careful!"