Family of late Florida high school quarterback challenges FHP's report that blames him for deadly crash

After more than a year, FOX 35 has obtained a copy of the final crash report following the tragic death of 18-year-old Nick Miner, the quarterback at East River High School.

The Florida Highway Patrol report claims the teenager was responsible for the crash, and the other driver he collided with was not. But his parents still have questions and say they want the other driver held accountable.

Attorneys representing the driver tell FOX 35 she's been proven innocent and has been dealing with harassment over the crash.

FOX 35 is not naming the other driver, because she has not been charged with a crime.

The teen's parents have been waiting anxiously to see the FHP's findings.

"It brought back everything," said Deanna Miner, Nick's mother. "It feels like it’s fresh again."

On Halloween weekend last year, Nick's parents say he was helping tow a friend's truck that was stuck in a ditch down the street from their property.

According to the FHP's report, the tow-rope Nick was using snapped, sending his truck into the road and into the path of another car.

But some witnesses at the scene said Nick's truck never moved into oncoming traffic, and stayed on the shoulder.

"I was disappointed in the final result," said Derek Miner, Nick's father. "The reason why is, I believe his vehicle was stationary. It wasn’t moving. Many witnesses placed his vehicle in the bike lane."

According to FHP, Nick also had a blood alcohol content over the legal limit and wasn't wearing a seat belt.

"He did make a mistake," Derek Miner said. "He paid his price. The ultimate price; his life. He lost his life, and we’re hoping we can bring awareness."

The Miner family is asking why it took hours for a trooper to test the other driver's blood, when the report notes they noticed possible signs of impairment.

The report also says the other driver in the crash was going over 70 mph, though the speed limit is 50 mph.

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"We don’t want to sit here and cast dispersions on Nick," said Mark NeJame, one of the attorneys representing the other driver. "He was apparently a great young man trying to help another person as a good Samaritan. But for them to keep on attacking an innocent party necessitates the facts, the true facts coming out."

The lawyers representing that driver point out that the FHP concluded that speed wasn't a factor and that troopers don't believe that driver's blood alcohol would have been over the legal limit when the crash happened.

They also say people have been harassing the driver over the crash.

"There was one incident where somebody showed up at her place of employment and directly called her a murderer in front of her fellow employees, in front of the patrons at the store and it caused a panic attack," said Trey Flynn, the driver's lawyer.

"We don’t know her at all," Derek Miner said about the other driver. "I avoid her house just because of the pain it causes me. And I actually put out there publicly on my son’s memorial page that we do not condone or want any harm to come to this woman at all. I have prayed for her one time, that nothing major happens to her. I just want the truth."

The Miners told FOX 35 they would like someone from FHP to walk them through the findings and answer questions.

They hope to advocate for passing no-tolerance laws when it comes to drinking and driving.