Family escapes carjacking attempt on Florida beach

What started as a relaxing day at the beach turned violent for one family when they narrowly avoided a carjacking in a nearby parking lot.

According to Cocoa Beach police, the incident occurred on Saturday afternoon around 3:30 p.m. in the parking lot on 3rd St., adjacent to the beach. The victims had just parked their car and were retrieving items from the trunk when a teenager entered the vehicle through the passenger side and attempted to drive away.

The car owner intervened, grabbing the teenager's arm and preventing him from fleeing. Subsequently, another teenager joined the scuffle, assaulting the car owner before both suspects were ultimately apprehended by law enforcement.

Visitors to Cocoa Beach expressed shock upon hearing about the incident.

"You just never know. I try not to worry about it. I know these things are happening in the world, but you can’t live in fear," one beachgoer remarked.

The victims successfully fought off the would-be carjackers until police arrived and made arrests.

Former Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón emphasized the importance of considering safety options in such situations.


"Anytime a citizen is the victim of a crime, they must consider all options, including the situation or how well-prepared the individual may be who is committing the crime," Rolón said. "Material things can always be replaced."

When asked about scenarios involving children in the car, Rolón noted that individuals would likely do everything possible to protect family members.

"I think you will get an overwhelming response where they'll do everything in their power to save their family member," he stated.

Rolón advised the public to always lock car doors and program vehicles to unlock only the driver's door until manually adjusted.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance, particularly in public spaces, to ensure personal safety and security.